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Do you like GOOD superhero comics? Do you love Ostrander’s amazing Suicide Squad run from the 80’s. You know, the only good Suicide Squad run. Do you enjoy stories where a group of damaged human beings come together and things go from bad to worse? Do you love critically lauded indie comics being collected for the public for the first time in a print run larger than like 20?

Well you might be interested in Copra which is available for Preorder NOW!!! WOW NOW!!

Official description:

"They’re ugly. They’re mean. But up until today, they’ve always been loyal. So when one of their own betrays them, the men and women of COPRA have no choice but to turn their nightmarish skills back on every son of a bitch who ever looked at them funny."

Here it is, the first six issues of Michel Fiffe’s master class in self-publishing. COPRA: A superhero revenge machine.

Jason Bateman and Olivia Wilde in The Longest Week

This movie was like if someone wanted to do a tribute to Wes Anderson and Woody Allen film sensibilities coated in adoration of French cinema and culture.

And I really liked it.

I mean, honestly: Olivia Wilde is basically Anna Karina in this film, and if the above gif sequence is not a nod to Band of Outsiders then I don’t know anything about anything.


Morning Glories fans—you, yes YOU, can be a part of the book.  After 40+ issues, it’s getting to be an issue coming up with looks for the various students, guards, and other background characters throughout the book.  This is where you come in.

 As I have mentioned on my various social networking sites, readers can cameo in the book if they so please.  All you need to do is email me some pictures of your face to joe(at)supajoe(dot)com, and I will get you in the book at the earliest convenience.  I will email you to let you know what issue you’ll be in, and when we get closer to publication, send you a snapshot of your cameo in the book.

This has been pretty popular so far—with issue 41 in particular being loaded with fan cameos!

The one disclaimer I have regarding cameos is that your character may in fact die a gruesome death in the book.  

As an added bonus, for being such a good sport for participating—I will do a free head sketch of your character if you see me at a convention!  Offer only good at conventions, not through the mail. 

Hey, MY name is Matt Meylikhov! What a strange coincidence! 

Looking for a room in Arlington, VA?


Hello everyone. After a potential roommate unexpectedly bailed, my current roommate and I need to find a third person for our apartment by this weekend or we will be kicked out. This would be stressful in any situation, but seeing as I just started my second year of nighttime law school, I’m kind of in lay-on-the-ground-and-cry mode.


I have lived in this apartment for nearly a year now, and I am very fond of it. It is one of the most affordable places I have found in this area, and quite possibly the most when you don’t count sleeping in a room that isn’t met to be slept in or staying in some family’s house where they don’t want you to be seen or heard (seriously, fuck those people). There is easy access to the Ballston, Rosslyn, and East Falls Church metro stations by bus, and there are plenty of places that you can reach on foot. The room shares a bathroom with a young woman, but we are accepting of any sex/gender.

If you are planning on moving to Arlington, or if you know someone who plans to move to Arlington, please, please get in contact with me. I mainly use Tumblr to reblog silly things, so I’m not sure if its message system is conducive to actual communication, but I would rather not publicly post my email for obvious reasons.

And if you know that some of your followers are from Northern Virginia, or just think that it is possible, I ask that you please reblog this.

(My apologies to anyone who follows me on multiple social media sites and has had to endure this multiple times.)

I’ve spent much time with Walt. When he stayed in my apartment on a trip a couple years back, he was an excellent and polite guest. You should room with him, or help him find someone who will.

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